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Developing Mixed Reality Applications in Unity is hard, and we know there are many developers who are frustrated with the current state of both game and general application development within the Mixed Reality ecosystem: a quickly developing market that encompasses the whole spectrum from Mobile Augmented Reality to high-end Virtual Reality.

To improve this situation, the Toolkit's vision is simple, to provide a complete cross-platform solution for AR/XR/VR development that supports three different developer skill levels:

  • Beginner No Coding Required: Perfect for artists, Hackathons, and Quick Prototyping.

  • Intermediate Customizable: The framework is flexible enough so coders can customize what they need to cover edge cases with ease.

  • Advanced Extensible: The framework is easy to extend and modify to add additional custom services to meet specific criteria and needs.

Our philosophy is to enable developers to focus on building content and structure and not have to worry about the underlying complexities for supporting multiple platforms in order to build it everywhere and on each device as required. In short, built it once and ship it everywhere with as little effort as possible.

We’d like to invite all the major hardware vendors to help guide their platform-specific implementations. Including any upcoming Mixed Reality capable devices that would like to be included for adoption.


The simplest way to getting started using the core platform package in your project is via OpenUPM. Visit OpenUPM to learn more about it. Once you have the OpenUPM CLI set up use the following command to add the package to your project:

    openupm add com.realitytoolkit.core

For more details on using OpenUPM CLI, check the docs here.