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Active Team

The active Reality Toolkit team works on core functionality, platform support and overall direction of the toolkit.
Dino Fejzagić

Dino Fejzagić

Dino is a seasoned Unity developer and has been leading development of the Reality Toolkit since "The Forkening". He's passionate about mixed reality technology and operates a consultancy for enterprise mixed reality solutions in Germany. Whenever he can catch a break from work, he also loves to work on his VR games. Some of them might actually make it to release, hopefully.
Simon Jackson

Simon Jackson

Simon has been a tinkerer, engineer, problem solver, and solution gatherer ever since his early years. In short, he loves to break things apart, figure out how they work, and them put them back together; usually better than before. Simon is taking the lead on development of the Service Framework, which serves as a foundation to the Reality Toolkit as well.

Sponsors & Supporters

These amazing companies and individuals are supporting the toolkit's development either using funds for development or providing infrastructure and other resources to keep the project going.


The Reality Toolkit was originally based on the MRTK (Mixed Reality Toolkit), created by Microsoft as a successor to the popular HoloToolkit. While the Reality Toolkit took its own path eversince and does things differently in many areas, we'd like to recognize a few people who have left their signature on its journey: